I found my way gradually


This morning I slipped from rusted garments
to nudge the casement with an insolent shoulder.
Foot, leg, body followed, unfurling from the dark,
parched with the soft dryness of words,
seeking rock, salt and wind, seeking water.

I found my way gradually,
tracing the curve of the sky with a sodium-licked lash,
feeling the earth’s spine rear below my feet.
All the stones on the beach, and me,

welcome clouds,
welcome sea,
welcome rain,
for a moment fixed.



GloPoWriMo 2016: 6

A quick sort of kenning to break my jinx, hooray!




one-by-one I






help I’m sinking




always thinking

should be doing


GloPoWriMo 2016: 5

I’ve got a bit behind, but hoping to catch up over the next week. Here is a tritina prompted by day seven and inspired by a memory of a first day at nursery.


Moon Day


Zig-zagging through quiet streets on your first day

we were spooked by the ghost of a moon

under the huge blue canvas of sky,


a morning interloper in that sky.

You asked me why the moon,

your bedtime friend, was there that day.


I said she’s very changeable that moon

shifting shape in windows, water, sky,

she may turn up on someone’s very special day.


And so throughout that day, to see the moon still witness in the sky, brought comfort to us both.

GloPoWriMo 2016: 3

Today’s prompt was to write a fan letter. I stole my title from an album of Leonard Cohen cover versions.


I’m your fan


To the girl on the tube last Sunday

who applied her mascara so expertly

and unapologetically,

I’m your fan.


To anyone who looks good in yellow,

I’m your fan.


To the poet who was doubtful and shaky

but read out loud anyway,

I’m your fan.


To the quiet man

who is perfectly happy that way,

I’m your fan.


GloPoWriMo 2016: 1


This year I’m doing GloPoWriMo so I’ve resurrected this long neglected blog to post a poem a day for the month of April 2016. Today’s prompt was to write a lune, which I tried but what I ended up with was not a lune at all, more lunacy. It’s inspired by the current news story about what is going to happen to the  Port Talbot steelworks and the neglect, loss and waste of so many industries in the UK.


School trip to the Port Talbot Experience 2066


With their VR goggles on

the children explore

the grim towers and scorched furnaces

from the aircon comfort of their ergonomic desks

while listening to an aural assimilation of

ships and spoons and paperclips

falling down the years.